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Hello and welcome to,
Community Provision and Social Services
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Abused and Abandoned
Women and Children.

Thats why we are here.

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Give our children a new future!

Designed for a great destiny!

Make that destiny come true!


Four Key Points


Our children mean the world to us. With your help we can give them a bright and successful future.


We currently have 4 homes and we are in search of a 5th one in Durban.


We put our residents through training that will help them cope in a business environment.


We provide a wide variety of services for the community. To learn more on this please follow the link Read More

Why Choose Us? With no state assistance, our efforts are able to provide the following services through our programmes

  • Abused Women and Children

    Provision of a dignified and safe home environment for abused women, children and families.

  • Unemployment upliftment programme

    We provide basic computer skills training, training in pre-school education, basic caregiving skills and first aid training as well as telephone skills.

  • Distribution of goods

    We distribute the goods that you donate to the less priveleged in our care centers and communities.

  • Counselling

    We provide counselling to abused, abandoned mothers and children in our care.

  • Life Line

    We provide a life line for drug addicts, alcoholics, suicide and rape victims.

  • Medical

    We provide necessary medical care through the help of our clients.


  • Corner of Boeing Road East
    and 1st avenue,
    Orion Building
  • 011 087 6900

About Compass

Compass is a nationally recognized and registered organization through the Government in South Africa. Our team have researched the culture of charity on a global scale and pressure of the global socio-economic climate has forced the lower levels of society outside of our socio-economic structure.

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