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How Dr. Jude Martin became a Pastor

Once Compass was established and we had our first home for abused women and children, Jude built a pulpit and started inspiring, motivating and uplifting the people during lunch times. The word he was preaching grew to such an extent that we opened a church adjacent to our offices in a shopping center. The church grew to such an extent that we had to move to  a bigger premises. Eventually we had a 1000 Seater church and Jude had studied through Dunimas to get his doctorate in Theology. He was preaching on 4 different TV channels.

Dr. Jude Martin Ramamurthy passed away on the 17th of June, 2014 after a massive heart attack.

Compass went through a time of mourning however, through the grace of God, Compass managed to survive. What Father starts, He is faithful and just to continue.

Compass has even managed to survive junk status and with the help of our generous sponsors we continue to operate.

The new vision of Compass is to start baby sanctuaries where we will take care of abandoned new born children.

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