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Nelson Mandela Day 2016

Nelson Mandela Day at Compass is something we hold close to our hearts. It's not only away for us to honour the legend but also for us to give back in an even bigger way.

Our kids enjoyed a lot on Mandela day at one of our day care centre in Edenvale. We would like to extend a very special thank you to everyone who participated and sacrificed their time or effort more especially in making sure this day become very special not only to Mandela but also to our kids.


Indeed Mandela left a legacy and you (different companies), you left a joyful memories that will never be forgetten by our kids. We are happy to tell you today that our kids are happy and feel loved.


Thank you very much for all donations and for spending time with our children.

"We can neither heal nor build if, on the one hand the rich in our society see the poor as hordes of irritants or if on the other hand the poor sit back, expecting charity. All of us must take responsibility for the upliftment of our conditions, prepared to give our best to the benefit of all"

                                                       - Nelson Mandela

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