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Social Services

Here are just some of the Social Services we provide.
Free Day Care


Free day care is provided to the children in the care of Compass. We provide these children with food and have a creche for the younger ones.



Psycho Social Support


We provide Psycho social support to our residents as well as the outside communities who need it. Qualified social workers provide any family crisis intervention to our women and children in our centre or any community members in need. We also network closely with the child welfare to achieve maximum results for our residents.

Women and Children Shelter
Training & Development​


​The adults are equipped and empowered
with skills and training through a one year program. All of the women attend workshops to help motivate, encourage and nurture them.


It arms them with the necessary skills which, in turn, allows us to place them back into the
working world where they can become financially independent.


Skills Development

Compass sponsors workshops and conferences for the abused women in their upliftment program. These workshops take place once a year and provides an in-depth study on overcoming abuse and unemployment. The public and sponsors are welcome to enquire about our program for upliftment studies and workshops.

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