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Compass Origins

The History of why Compass was founded.

The Organization was founded because Jude and I knew what extreme poverty was. We lost our home and car and ended up living on the streets. Everyday was a battle and the terrible fear of not knowing where you are going to sleep at night was overwhelming. We slept in parks, under bridges and in parked city buses. We went from shop to shop begging for money for food. As a woman i was disgusted at my body odor and appearance that i used to go into fancy place bathrooms and try and wash and clean up, even using air freshener as a deodorant.

Somehow through all of this God had His hand of protection upon us. A lady gave us a place to stay in her home. Jude was inspired to reach out to help destitute people because of our experiences. He started raising funds sitting on a milk crate, using a prepaid phone. And so Compass was born... Debbie Ramamurthy

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